Pre-Filled NGW Cartridge – Northern Lights (Indica)


89.63% Total Cannabinoids When a strain stands the test of time like this one, you don’t have to question its worthiness. It is a pure indica that is descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains. The flavor is earthy and piney at first with a hint of sweet citrus on the exhale.The aroma of the smoke is sweet, spicy and skunky. The mellowing effects of this indica strain offer a relaxing body high and positive mental well-being. Its peaceful and tranquil properties will melt away fibromyalgia, anxiety,stress and depression. It is best used in the evening since sleep is inevitable. read more




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  • Very nice for my fibromyalgia. Lowers my stress, anxiety, pain, and makes me chill overall. I love it. Great taste too.