Nature’s Grace has specifically formulated a unique blend of sativa cannabis hash oil to infuse the Supernova Bar. As always, they have utilized their proprietary distillation process to create a sativa oil that is as pure and free of impurities as possible. This sativa blend naturally compliments the energizing effects and flavor profile of Dark Matter Coffee’s Unicorn Blood espresso beans. Unicorn Blood is a cult classic and Dark Matter Coffee staple that is enjoyed all over the world! Inspired by Northern Italian espresso, Unicorn Blood is known for its massive body, reserved acidity, and chocolate backbone. High levels of sweetness and low yields of acidity make their espresso highly dynamic and versatile.


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89.63% Total Cannabinoids

When a strain stands the test of time like this one, you don’t have to question its worthiness. It is a pure indica that is descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains. The flavor is earthy and piney at first with a hint of sweet citrus on the exhale.The aroma of the smoke is sweet, spicy and skunky. The mellowing effects of this indica strain offer a relaxing body high and positive mental well-being. Its peaceful and tranquil properties will melt away fibromyalgia, anxiety,stress and depression. It is best used in the evening since sleep is inevitable.


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