Flower - Pre-Rolls

Pre-Rolled Shorties Joint Pack 3.5g – Pheno 51 (Hybrid) (Cresco)

29.12% THCA (Star Killer x Skywalker OG) This strain was designed to help consumers leave the ground. This potent pairing leads with a happy, heady euphoria that jettisons the consumer away from mental and physical stress while dimming nagging aches and pains. Pheno 51 is the perfect strain for those looking to ignite creativity and bliss while leaving stress and nausea in a galaxy far, far away. read more

Pre-Rolled Shorties Joint Pack 3.5g Katsu Bubba Kush (Indica) (Cresco)

25.49% THCA (OG Kush Phenotype) Strong feelings of relaxation which will leave your body feeling heavy and calm. Packing a powerful medicated effect, this strain is ideal for pain relief and insomnia. This strain has the scent of walking through a meadow overgrown with wild flowers. It has a flavor with a variety of sweet notes which will tickle the palette, while the scent of earth acts as a backdrop. Its flavor is alike to chocolate coffee spiked with skunk. Symptoms treated: chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, mental tension, stress. read more

Pre-Rolled Shorties Joint Pack 3.5g Sojay Haze (Sativa) (Cresco)

24.16% THCA (BC Big Bud x Grape FX) Highlighted by an intense flavor and profound cerebral effects, this strain will provide a spark of energy and minimize body fatigue. This is a great strain to fight off depression and to help patients stay active. An amazing combination of tropically sweet flavors mixed with pungent tones of citrus and fresh plums. Exuding waves of sweet scents this skunky zesty blast is sure to invigorate patients' sense of smell. Symptoms treated: stress, depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and headaches. read more