Shatter 1g – Wild Thai (Sativa) (PTS)

85.47% Total Cannabinoids (Thailand Landrace) An electric smelling flower originating from the Ko Chang Archipelago. Very full flowers covered in bright orange hairs and a dazzling array of trichomes that produce high powered cerebral experiences. This strain has a spicy herbal taste, scent of sandlewood, and earthy undertones. Good for glaucoma and nausea. read more

Live Resin 1g – Turbo Lemon Cake (Sativa) (Revolution)

88.19% Total Cannabinoids With a pungent citrus aroma and taste, Turbo Lemon Cake combines the relaxing effects of Harlequinn, with the potency and terpene profile of Sour Kush and Sour Diesel. Revolution's craft line of concentrates are small batch premium extracts for the discerning patient. Live Resin is a terpene rich concentrate made from flash frozen flower and extracted with hydrocarbons - a methodology which captures the aroma of the live plant. Virgin Resins feature a variety of consistencies from Sauce to Jelly, Sugar, and Pull & Snap. read more

Dragon Tears – Huckleberry Kush (Indica Hybrid) (Revolution)

90.23% Total Cannabinoids Dragon Tears is a pure dabbing experience 100% cannabis, full-terpene distillate. Cannabis distillates provide an unmatched clean and potent cannabis oil; Revolutions Dragon Tears retain the full terpenoid profile, resulting in real cannabis flavor and strain specific efficacy. Perfect for dabbing by itself or adding to other extracts. Fully activated for edible use. read more

Live Resin 1g – Lemon Hash (Sativa Hybrid) (GTI)

79.34% Total Cannabinoids Live concentrates are produced by flash-freezing fresh flower immediately after harvest and maintaining freezing temperatures during the extraction process, to preserve terpenes otherwise lost during curing. read more

Wax 1g – Sour Joker (Sativa) (GTI)

81.49% Total Cannabinoids Wax is a resinous concentrate favored for its easy handling and flexible use with various applications. Reusable compacts keep product fresh and moist. The rounded-corners and removable silicone inserts ensure easy removals of all product. read more